Twanna Hines
Independent Writer

Twanna A. Hines is committed to helping nonprofits maximize social impact, mobilize constituents, and generate the funds necessary to ensure mission sustainability. Formerly at Spitfire, she was the director of AndACTION, a new project sparking social change by connecting nonprofits to important issues reflected in film and TV. She has appeared on CNN, NPR, Sirius, CBC (Canadian National Radio), Paris Première (French Television), and in documentary films. She has written for The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Time Out New York, Lifetime, Mashable, Nerve, New York Press, Fast Company, and The Huffington Post. Prior to joining AndACTION, she spent 15+ years improving our world by working directly for organizations promoting social good. At Planned Parenthood, she led edutainment programs to reduce teen pregnancy. At Land O’Lakes, she led efforts to reduce global hunger by integrating food security messaging into television and community radio programs in Africa. For The University of Chicago, she managed The education and training programs in film and theater, using the arts to promote lifelong learning. In that capacity, she partnered with Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company and also managed courses by a portfolio of film instructors including critics Michael Wilmington, Jonathan Rosenbaum and Roger Ebert.