Leslie Fields-Cruz
Executive Director | National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC)

Leslie was initially hired in 2001 to manage NBPC’s grant making activities that supported the production and development of documentary programs for PBS. By 2005, she was the Director of Programming, leading the distribution of all funded programs to public television. By 2008, with six independent titles in need of a public television broadcast, Leslie suggested NBPC create its own documentary series to highlight the variety and depth of the global black experience. AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange is now in its 9th season and is the only national public television series focused solely on stories from the black experience. In the fall of 2014, Leslie was appointed to serve as NBPC’s third Executive Director. Though she keeps the pulse on the development of program content and its distribution across public media platforms, she is focused on growing NBPC’s resources to enable it to support more stories about the black experience.