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Claudette Silver
Event Director | SPIN Academy

CLAUDETTE SILVER is a news junkie and dedicated student of pop culture. In her childhood, Claudette was obsessed with the comic Bloom County and credits the politically savvy strip with sparking her left-leaning values and demonstrating the power of entertainment to influence beliefs and actions. Claudette’s passion for pop culture gives her a unique perspective on how to reach audiences with a social justice message and through her company Silver Muse Productions, has organized events and music tours across the country. From helping to plan a post-Katrina benefit concert for The New Yorker Festival to designing activism plans for concert tours, Claudette works with both nonprofits and artists to create compelling public programs designed to move audiences to action. Claudette got her start in concert production in the late eighties in Washington, DC, first while a student American University and later at the old 9:30 Club on F Street. Since then, she has worked with a wide range of artists including Perry Farrell, Moby, Kenny Chesney and Brandi Carlile, and on several film and TV projects, most notably HBO’s Veep. Claudette is also a communications consultant with the LightBox Collaborative, where she has developed communications and brand strategies for a wide range of progressive organizations. Prior to her foray into event production and strategic communications, Claudette received her BA in Design and taught art in DC public schools. She was born on a Sunday in the same hospital as Tom Petty, which might account for why she, too, was born a rebel.