Beatriz Ponce de León
Executive Director | Generation All

Beatriz Ponce de León serves as the executive director of Generation All. She brings to this role more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and public institutions in Chicago. Beatriz has implemented public education campaigns, led community and organizational planning processes, designed and facilitated workshops for youth and adults, and authored numerous action plans and reports. Recent publications include “Language Education: Preparing Chicago’s Public School Students for a Global Community” for the Chicago Public Schools and “A Shared Future: The Economic Engagement of Greater Chicago and its Mexican Community” for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

For the last 10 years, Beatriz has worked as a consultant. In this capacity, she has had the opportunity to apply planning and project management skills to a range of issues, while gaining new expertise on topics including education equity, linguistic and cultural diversity, youth development and adolescent rights, immigrant integration, public health, and community development. In her role as either staff or consultant, Beatriz has always aimed to engage both users and providers of programs in determining policy and program strategy and has an especially strong commitment to partnering with young people and their allies in creating the opportunities and resources youth need to thrive. Beatriz has served as a Chicago Public Schools Local School Council member and on the boards of several community-based organizations.

Beatriz lives in Chicago with her husband and two teenage daughters, from whom she learns something new every day.